George Stowell 

Client Adviser | Chartered Architect


What the practice does and what services cost.

Fees are the sum of all resource costs supplied for your project …

RIBA Chartered Practice Code of Conduct

At all times, the practice abides by the RIBA Chartered Practice Code of Conduct, 2021:


Fees are offered with either a fixed price for a fixed scope, or on a pre-agreed hourly rate; VAT is charged at 20%. 

The time it takes to undertake services is dependent on five factors:

Fee structure

Fees are offered on the basis of a detailed scope of work agreed with you in writing before any services are undertaken. They will have an agreed timescale and month by month cost breakdown enabling payment budgeting. Fees include day to day project and studio expenses. Exceptional expenses and statutory fees will be itemised and agreed with you before services commence.

Fee for each resource type

The practice is transparent on fees, and will make early stage estimates for your budgeting purposes. Day rates  are regularised on a 5 x 5 grid based on expertise and five factors above, sub divisible by the hour. For example, on more complex projects, the highest expert rate is £1450 per day, junior designer, £325.

How fees are provided

On your request, we will provide a detailed quotation that includes each resource, what they’ll undertake, when and who’ll they’ll be working with; usually other consultants and client colleagues.

There will be a schedule of planned tasks and deliverables, for example meeting attendance, reports, drawings, BIM model or expert advice.

Variations to services

Service scope and programme  will be subject to change in the course of your project. The practice will notify you of any foreseeable or actual change, for example, in the time required to complete services, type of services and cost of your projects. Any change will be agreed in writing with you before starting the adjusted work.

Fee and service scope queries, questions and dispute

Fee for each project task is recorded  in relation to the agreed scope on time sheets for each hour undertaken. Time sheets are available for review at any time, either with monthly invoice submission or on request. Resource and task queries and questions will be answered within two working days. For potential dispute, an initial telephone call is recommended to see if there is an easy answer or misunderstanding to resolve. Written disputes are addressed fully, and in accordance with RIBA Code of Conduct (see above).