George Stowell 

Client Adviser | Chartered Architect


Wide variety of media, including; journals, peer reviewed papers, books and TV.

Authored published papers

RIBA Client Adviser case study, Crossrail, London.

Case study about client delivery of lifecycle value at nine central London stations

Published online by Royal Institute of British Architects. London.

Client Advice and Technical Services to Chief Engineer’s Group.

Technical paper about Client advice and technical services for outcome value and certainty

Institution of Civil Engineers Journal, London. Crossrail Project ‘Infrastructure design and construction, Volume 5’.

Engineering design of the platform edge screens for the Elizabeth line’s five mined stations.

Technical paper about the Employer’s engineering design of 2.5km of platform edge screens

  • Requirements development of new and novel type modular platform edge screen including prototype and testing before manufacture .

The Structural Engineer, Journal of the Institute of Structural Engineers, July 2018. London.

Also published in SNC Lavalin Technical Journal, 2019. Montreal.

Reviewer published papers

Benefits of Contractor Prototyping: GFRC Cladding on Crossrail

Authors: Jim Abatti, Jorrin ten Have. Peer reviewer: George Stowell

SNC Lavalin Technical Journal, 2020. Montreal. p.70, and

Crossrail, Learning Legacy suite:




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