George Stowell 

Chartered Architect  | Client Adviser



George Stowell is a multi-award winning architect and Client Adviser.

George Stowell

Urban court shelter, GB wide

Waldemar Road, Fulham

Crossrail line wide, London

Canary Wharf Place, Crossrail

Sports Canopy, London

Morecombe Seafront, Lancs.

Woodstock Road, Chiswick

Pitzhanger Manor-House Walpole Park

Tennis Foundation dia-grid modular court

Hampton Value modular housing

Pitzhanger Manor-House Walpole Park

Huddersfield Queengate Bridge

Network Rail stations

Two types of professional service are undertaken:

  • Client advice: Defining the problem to solve and how; advice to set up, prepare and complete projects. 
  • Design: Services rooted in original ideas; drawn and modelled with technical information and site support.

The purpose of my work is ‘design for lasting value’, where:

  • design is humanised building for outcomes valued the most.

Sector specialisms in UK and Ireland for new and reuse projects:

  • rail infrastructure
  • masterplanning 
  • modern homes
  • heritage
  • sports
  • arts

George Stowell Ltd. is a sole director entity accredited by RIBA as a Chartered Practice in the United Kingdom. 

George Stowell is accredited by the RIBA as a Client Adviser and is an RIAI Registered Architect in Ireland.

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