George Stowell 

Client Adviser | Chartered Architect


Client adviser: Linewide Stations Group - Atkins Grimshaw GIA Equation Maynard.

Opened 2022

Client advice and technical services from 2013 to opening in 2022 for consistent use based design for a world class passenger experience. The design concept was developed into a functional family of products, components and finishes for manufacture and integration by Crossrail’s architects and nine station contractors using latest safety, standardisation and systems design techniques.

Client: Crossrail and Atkins to Crossrail Chief Engineer’s Group.

Group: Atkins, Grimshaw, Maynard, GIA Equation, Arup, UP Projects, Sonia Boyce OBE RA.

Cost: Capital value, circa £6bn.

Linewide concept CGI, platform level

Escalator head, Whitechapel station

Requirement resolution stages

Linewide totem uplighter prototype

Linewide fire sign prototype

Platform edge structure

Requirements’ development, prototyping and performance testing for 2.5km modular structure built out by five station contractors.

Station tunnel linings

Standardised and modular fibrous concrete panels designed as a cladding systems totalling 50,000m2 at five stations.

Central London sub surface stations

The concept design was included in the Employer’s Design Requirement and made, then integrated by nine different contractors forming a unifying passenger experience.