Architect: The Lawn Tennis Association’s Sports Canopy.

Built 2010

Court canopy to provide all year round practice court canopy for enhanced player development with option for demountibility during summer months. Prototype new and novel structural technology with high performance 40m clear span and UK use roll out programme for enhanced layer participation.

Client: The Lawn Tennis Association

Consultants: Airlight, Arup, Buro 4, Robinson Low Frances, Rolfe Judd, MLM, PFB

Manufacturing group: Canobbio, Airlight, Form TL, Tubular Erectors.

Cost: £600k

Installation stage interior

Engineering design modelling

London’s Open House visitors

Fabrication by Tubular Erectors

BCIA Awards Ceremony

Refined complex interfaces

Resolution of complex material and structural interfaces for safe erection and demountability.

Daylit interior for natural playing conditions

Even natural lighting conditions to support optimal training conditions for tennis performance development.

Careful alignment with existing building

Carefully considered  spatial relationship to existing award winning  National Tennis Centre by Hopkins Architects, 2005.