Design for replacement of Network Rail’s 1200  small capacity stations


Visual concept with a new procurement strategy for capital spend of up to £1.5bn; requirements’ development with stakeholders, Network Rail’s FM and Revenue functions for best community value. Locally attuned vertical integration business model using vending common in the USA and Europe.

Judges: ‘The Panel thought the process-driven submission demonstrated a reasonably good evaluation of design variables and contained lots of ideas that had potential…the design solution was permeable and welcoming’ 

Client: Network Rail, RIBA Competitions

Concept sketch by George Stowell

Protected station core concept

Efficient core of multi-vending units (red)

Unitised multi-function vending

Side modules for business use (purple)

Expandable, unitised modules

Platform side sketch with shelters

Generous forecourt with visual permeability 

Passengers, business and community users clearly see all station functions, navigating on and off trains in a seamless way.

Fully accessible and flexible use covered street

The street forms a welcoming space between forecourt, business facilities, multi-function vending portal, and trains.

Gently folded timber roof with local finishes

Elegant roof made from durable materials and robust technical details is developed by prototypes and performance testing