Client Adviser: Strategic advice at community engagement stage.

Built 2018

Guidance and advice with community stakeholder group for agreed Strategic Brief by Ealing Council that included requirement to re-integrate Walpole Park and Pitzhanger Manor-house to align with needs of park users, heritage value and Ealing Council’s management plan.

Client: Ealing Borough Council

Consultants: Justice + Whiles, Julian Harrap Associates, J & L Gibbons, Ellis & Moore, King Shaw Associates, DCA-Consultants.

Cost: £17m (£12m manor; £5m park)

Main entrance drive

View across lake from Walpole Park

Restored park heritage features

Park and garden elevation

Landscaping revitalises public use

Main entrance facade

East facing aspect forming main entrance that would welcome Soane’s guests at his country house. George Dance’s original design, left.

House garden conservatory

Recreated west facing conservatory originally designed by  Soane between 1800 to 1803; innovation realised fifty years before Paxton’s Crystal Palace in 1851.

House garden and park as one estate

Integrated park and house recreates the look and feel from Soane’s era; improved accessibility to the park that includes plant beds, antiquities, water features and wildlife friendly planting.