Program for standardised lightweight open sided player canopies.

Unbuilt 2014

Business case, project strategy and stakeholder engagement plan for low cost, easy to make and install player canopies for a wide variety of sports, including netball, hockey, tennis, golf practice, table tennis and football;  improving participation levels and playing season length.

Client: The Lawn Tennis Association for Sport England

Cost: £600k per unit

Working strategy

Earth bermed design concept

Diagonal timber frame design concept

Steering Group involvement

Early visual design concept

Daylight was seen as essential to retain the outdoor feel for player experience, whilst sheltering from rain and excessive wind.

Principle of lightweight roof established

Design exploration was undertaken of European movable roof systems, but these were retained only for secure locations where staff could operate and maintain.

Project development governance model

For a project to operate well in localised circumstances, stakeholder engagement requires carefully planning, and the design of adaptable way to listen and cooperate.